What is NYPHP?

Emerging as a powerful collection of skill, NYPHP seeks to illuminate New York's vast eDevelopment environment. The metropolitan area is easily the greatest commercial landscape in the world and a perfect niche for energetic and skilled developers. With the power of AMP Technology (Apache/MySQL/PHP) and the opportunity and tenacity of New York, NYPHP is a leading force in the commitment to extend Web functionality and ease local administration.

Simply, NYPHP is a gathering of knowledge, skill and vision with the commonality of PHP and associated technologies.

What is the purpose?

NYPHP is a nonprofit organization, loosely resembling the familiar Linux User Group. Our primary purpose is to share and learn amongst ourselves. Additionally, however, NYPHP looks to cooperate with external entities. While NYPHP requires no membership dues and does not have any monetary value, businesses are encouraged to use it as a rich information and development resource. In the future, NYPHP will actively develop Open Source projects and a knowledge base of code, articles and tutorials.

What is PHP?

The PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, or simply PHP, is a "widely-used general-purpose scripting language," designed with the Internet in mind. Commonly implemented to manipulate databases and dynamic content on the server, PHP is also an indispensable local scripting tool. Delivering high performance, intuitive syntax, powerful structure and a rich feature set, PHP puts ideas into action, both locally and on the Internet.

How does AMP Technology differ from LAMP?

The acronym "LAMP" refers to a suite of technologies: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and either PHP, Python or Perl. Extending this, NYPHP is primarily AMP (Apache/MySQL/PHP) based, which doesn't make assumptions about the operating system and clears language ambiguity. At the same time, however, our membership is fluent and diverse, with many different language, OS and architecture backgrounds. In New York, variation is not only welcomed, but encouraged, allowing for new interactions, techniques and inevitably, innovation. We are not opposed to differing operating systems, web servers or databases, ranging from commercial to "free." Task suitability and quality are paramount.

What's involved in joining?

Minimally, subscription to the NYPHP Talk mailing list entitles membership. However, active contribution and involvement is encouraged, empowering NYPHP to be a rich environment for education and development. Join us for meetings and IRC discussion (#NYPHP on the freenode Network).  [Join Us!]